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‘If it weren't for your calm, capable approach to the situation, we would have continued to flounder...Thanks and gratitude for making Mother's life more comfortable and liveable.’ -A.S.,Kellor,WA

About Us

A Dignified Approach to Sensitive Issues

Since 1992, hundreds of individuals have relied on the services of Puget Sound Guardians, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of life for its clients.

Caring for an aging or incapacitated relative or close friend can be daunting. A growing number of adult children feel pulled by the needs of their own children and their aging parents. Or, in many cases, well-meaning family members may not agree on how to care for their loved ones.

Our extensive experience and objectivity enable us to help care givers to see beyond the immediate situation and consider long-term needs, decisions and consequences. We guide people past emotional and subjective considerations to find their best options. In particular, we can provide guardian, trustee, and power of attorney services in the areas of financial management, healthcare decisions, and residential options.