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Going to Bat: Puget Sound Guardians Wins $230,000 for Client's Estate


A year after Puget Sound Guardians were appointed guardianship, for Dorothy Halstien, she passed away. The agency had embarked on the familiar process of initiating the sale of her home with the intention of generating enough proceeds to settle her debts and cover her cost of care.

When Puget Sound Guardians found that Holstein's trustee, Quality Loan Service Corp. of Washington, did not have similar aims, it was time to seek out justice. Instead of heeding the firm purchase agreement for $235,000 Puget Sound Guardians had established, Quality Loan Service Corp. of Washington acted without approval to sell the home for the relatively miniscule price of $83,000 (a loss of more than $150,000 of her home equity). Puget Sound Guardians took Quality Loan Service Corp. of Washington to court and won in the first case of its kind in Washington state.

With this verdict, "We feel like this trustee and any other trustees in the state of Washington will make sure they protect the homeowner, as well as the bank or mortgage company," Dianne Klem, Executive Director of Puget Sound Guardians said.

To read more about Puget Sound Guardians’ success in setting quality benchmarks for client service go to http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2011270826_halstien06m.html