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'I'm thankful for your time, care, and respect for my father.'-Client Family Member

Financial Management

Fiscal Expertise

As guardian and trustee administrators, our financial associates provide an array of financial services including, but not limited to the following:

Financial and Budget Planning

  • Locating and marshalling assets
  • Coordinating the sale of property
  • Coordination of of investment planning with financial advisor
  • Medicaid planning
  • Inventory of financial assets
  • Facilitate the preparation of regular tax reports

Accounting Related Services

  • Monthly review of income and payment of bills
  • Monthly bank account reconciliation
  • Monthly budget development of income and expenditures
  • Forensic accounting and recovery of assets

Benefit Applications and Management

  • DSHS, SS, VA, Federal Pension Program, medical, life insurance programs etc.

Legal Support

  • Work with an attorney reporting and/or petitioning to the Superior Court on guardianship and/or trust matters
  • Referral of attorney to write Durable Power of Attorney agreements as requested

Other Services

  • Investigate and recover previously lost or unknown assets or benefits