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‘I want to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful job pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together for my uncle.’ -Client Family Member


Maintaining Financial Security

As distinguished leaders in the field, Puget Sound Guardians treats the responsibility of managing trusts seriously.  We carry out the express terms of the trust instrument, defend the trust, prudently invest trust assets, function with impartiality among the beneficiaries, account for our actions and keep clients informed about the trust.  We maintain loyalty to our client and their best interests, we do not delegate, nor do we profit from the funds.  We are mindful of any possible conflicts of interest to maintain the highest level of objectivity and professionalism. 

Puget Sound Guardians can assist in the creation of a trust and manage it as a living or special needs trust to  accommodate financial, estate and tax planning or Medicaid needs. Provisions can be made to protect funds such as an inheritance or legal settlement in order to provide support throughout the client's lifetime.